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Solutions for Success

Innovative Impact Strategies was founded in 2020 with a single mission: be the most creative and innovative homeless services consulting agency around. 

We pride ourselves in hearing the voices of all. We approach each of our clients with an open mind and willingness to listen.

We identify and help implement temporary and permanent strategies to remedy your needs.

We think creatively and outside the box to come up with plans and interventions that create safer communities for all.


"Compassion With Accountability"

i2-Strategies will focus on specific strategies and interventions tailored to your needs.  This will include:  immediate responses and longer-termed systematic strategies.
We have figured out the best ways to identify a community's strengths, needs and opportunities. 
The ultimate goal with all of our work is identifying what success looks like for the whole community.  This may vary from stakeholder to group, i2-Strategies is able figure out how to mesh these together to create an actionable homeless response plan and strategies for the community.




In the last few years our communities have been helplessly watching the rapid increase in visible street homelessness. This often starts with tents on sidewalks, green spaces, or vacant areas. 

We will work with you to answer the question, "where can I go?" 

We will identify strategies to reduce unmanaged camps, while also creating safe and humane options to connect individuals to services. 

We will also create site specific strategies to positively activate a site.  This may include Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design methods, Positive Community Monitoring techniques, or Site Reclamation interventions.  


We will use some of the following strategies to effectively respond to needs and gaps in your community: 
• Managed outdoor sites (40 individuals or less)
• Hygiene centers with garbage services
• Increased Mental Health and Substance Abuse Outreach Services
• Safe Car Camping
• Secure Storage
• Positive Community Monitoring 
• Working with local businesses and residents to respond and remedy their needs
• Collaborative partnerships with Law Enforcement 
• Meeting individuals where they are at and connecting them to existing services
• Creating pathways and "FLOW" from homeless to housed

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Colin DeForrest


Over the past decade I have refined my skills responding the community needs and challenges related to homelessness.  I have learned to hear even the most silent voices, while working with stakeholders from all sides.  This work is hard, it is challenging, it is frustrating and emotional.  This work is integral in finding answers and making change. 

During my time in city government, I have been lucky enough to pilot many innovative and outside-the-box strategies and interventions.  Many of these have worked, some have not.  I have learned lessons from all.  I believe I have the expertise and skillset to come into any community, assess the need and come up with a set of tailored strategies to respond to the community’s needs around homelessness.

I have seen visible street homelessness and unmanaged homeless encampments grow across the Country. I have strategies to decrease visible homelessness and unmanaged encampments.  I can help decrease the suffering in communities.  The ultimate goal is creating a safe community with clear standards, rules and a foundation rooted in compassion and accountability that is safe for everyone.



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